Goh Ah-Cheng
Faculty of Health Sciences | Department of Physical Therapy
GOH Ah-Cheng
Born in Singapore. Graduated as a physical therapist from Auckland Institute of Technology (Auckland, NZ), Masters from Sydney University (Sydney, Australia), and PhD from Curtin University (Perth, Australia). Worked as Chief Physiotherapist in the Singapore Armed Forces (Singapore) before coming to Japan in 1996. Worked initially as an Assistant in School of Allied Medical Sciences in Shinshu University from 1996, as an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Shinshu University from 2002, and as Professor at Iwaki Meisei University from 2018.

1981 Auckland Institute of Technology, School of Physiotherapy (DipPT) 
1993 Sydney University, Faculty of Health Science (MAppSc)
2003 Curtin University, Division of Health Science (PhD)
Major research areas
Electrophysical Agents (EPA) is an area of expertise in Physical Therapy. However, in order to use EPA effectively in treatment, it is necessary to understand how to control the energy, and to deliver it adequately to the target tissues; too little energy would have no physiological effects, and too much can cause serious damage to the cells and tissues. This control of energy for treatment is called “dosimetry”. For the past 20 years, my research has been based on dosimetry in the area of heat (thermotherapy), electricity (electrotherapy) and mechanical traction (mechanotherapy). The results from research into dosimetry is important for developing treatment models which can be used as clinical guidelines for the treatment of patients. Without such clinical guidelines, the effectiveness of any treatment using EPA may be difficult to achieve.