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Department of Regional Liberal Arts
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Department of Regional Liberal Arts

HAYASHI Yoichi  Professor

Life-span developmental psychology
Developmental disorders, Psychological studies on adulthood and senescence

KUGO Takayuki  Professor

Philosophy, ethics
Time and freedom

IGARASHI Kouichi  ProfessorMaster of Physical Training

Physical education, Coaching, track and field sports, Methodology
Running motion, coaching

OHARA Takahiro  Professor

Cognitive psychology
Contagious Yawning, Gaze Cognition, Picture Cognition

KAMADA Mariko  ProfessorMaster of Sociology

Community Social Work Regional Welfare Advocacy
Regional Welfare. Graduation Work. Advocacy Systems.

KANNO Masashi  ProfessorMasters in Law

Legal sociology, Ethnomethodology
Consumer contracts, Citizen-judge system

KIKUCHI Mayumi  Professor

Family sociology, Gerontological sociology , Welfare of elderly people studies
Study of Life Course

KUBOTA Noriko  ProfessorPh,D. in Social Science(Michigan State University) MSW M.Ed.

Clinical Psychology
Psychotherapy, Dohsa, Hypnosis, Developmental Disabilities

KOIKE Hisae  Professor

British and American Literature/Culture
Drama and Film Studies

SUETSUGU Akira  Professor

Experimental psychology
Analysis studies on integration process between somatesthesia (proprioceptor, vestibular organ) and external sense

TAMAKAKE Gen  ProfessorPh. D. in Literature

Japanese Linguistics

TSUCHIYA Yukihisa  ProfessorPh.D. in Human Science

Business administration; social system theories
Innovation in corporate management

Timothy COOK  ProfessorPhD in Communication Studies

Communication Studies, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Distance Learning, Foreign Language Instruction

NAKAO Takeshi  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Communications engineering, Information networks
Digital signal processing, Network technology

MATSUMOTO Asako  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

Short poems in the Muromachi period
Classical Japanese literature (formal poetry, such as waka and renga and narrative literature)

YAMAGUCHI Kenji  ProfessorMaster of Social and Information Studies

Business administration; career studies
Analysis of economic efficiency; career education

YAMAMOTO Yoshiko  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

Clinical psychology; student counseling
Cognitive function assessment and rehabilitation of mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults; * Clinical psychologists

ISHIKAWA Tetsuo  Specially Approved Visiting Professor

Science teacher training

NAKAJIMA Kiyokuni  Specially Approved Visiting ProfessorBachelor degree of education

Educational practice, Subject education, Special activities, Special support education
Aiming at a teacher who puts light on the heart of a child " thorough thoroughness "

NEMOTO Naondo  Specially Approved Visiting Professor

Brass band

OSHIMA Noriko  Associate ProfessorM.A. in Human Sciences

Community support by clinical psychology
Industrial and school clinical analysis & support; adolescence

Kim Sea Whan  Associate Professor

Way of adopting an experience-based clear marketing strategy
Marketing for customer satisfaction; food service marketing; marketing for community empowerment; marketing for harmonious coexistence; practical marketing, etc.

TAKASHIMA Midori  Associate Professor

Perception, Experimental psychology
Amodal perception, Optical illusion

TAKAHASHI Yositaka  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Mechanics , Robotics
Computer simulation , bipedal walking robot

NATORI Hironori  Associate Professor

Developmental psychology; educational psychology
Teaching and motivation; goal contagion

NISHIMURA Kohei  Associate Professor

theoretical linguistics, phonology
sequential voicing, accents, compound words, lexical stratification, Optimality Theory

BAE Jong Min  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Commerce

Media marketing, Big-data marketing, Tourism marketing, IT marketing, Promotion marketing, Regional marketing.
Tourism Media Mix, Big Data on Tourism Information, Satisfaction of Overseas Tourists, Regional Ecosystem.

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