About the University

Main Facilities

Main Building

This houses administrative sections including the Academic and Student Support Bureau in charge of admission, student health care, campus life support, class subjects, and placement support.

Welfare Building

This is a university amenity facility for supporting campus life. It houses the Student Hall (a lounge space), a convenience store, and a bookstore on the first floor, and a student cafeteria on the second floor.

Building No. 6

Located in the east of the campus, this building houses experiment facilities, including an environmental radiation monitoring room and an analytical transmission electron microscope.

Building No. 3

This mainly provides class venues, and houses lecture halls, department rooms, seminar rooms, etc. Neighboring Building No.3 West is fully equipped with facilities necessary for psychology students.

Pharmacy Building

This is the main building of the Faculty of Pharmacy, featuring advanced laboratories for experiments and hands-on training and fully equipped lecture rooms.

University Library & Learning Center

The library has a collection of about 260,000 books. Learning Center, connected to the library, is for use for individual and collective learning.

Community Hall

This is the university's base for extending and deepening its relationships with the local area, housing a Cooperative Research Center, a Mental Health Counseling Center, etc.

Kodama Memorial Auditorium

This is used as a venue for ceremonies, including entrance ceremonies, degree-awarding ceremonies, and lecture meetings. It is also a base for the activities of the university's brass band.

Medical Plant Garden

This 2,500㎡ garden is used for hands-on training at the Faculty of Pharmacy, featuring a greenhouse called a Diamond Cube.

Building No. 2

This is commonly used for class venues, housing lecture halls, medium and small lecture rooms, and an AV lecture hall with a seating capacity of 408.

Informatics Center

The main facility of this center is to support an information environment of education and research for university members. The center is equipped with 12 Internet servers, 229 computers for practical use and a 100 Mbps LAN for the network system. Staffs and students can use these systems and consult with the center about information environments at any time.

Cooperative Research Center

Iryo Sosei University has been conducting technical support, open lectures, seminars held by the College of Science and Engineering, and collaborative and contract research with local corporations, all contributing to the development of local society and deepening cooperation with local and private organizations. Additionally, we promoted the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's High-tech Research Center Project for five years, from 1999 to 2003. We established the Cooperative Research Center with the purpose of orchestrating our conventional activities in a constructive way to promote cooperation between local industry, academia, government and the citizenry, supporting the latest technologies and rejuvenating our reputation as the top university in Fukushima Prefecture.

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