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Message from the President

The development of
“glocal” human resources.

President of Iryo Sosei University

Iryo Sosei University (ISU) has been aiming to engage in education and research as an academic institution that contributes to local communities, based on the school motto of its founder, the school corporation Meisei Gakuen: “Healthiness, Sincerity, and Devotedness,” since it’s foundation in 1987 in response to an invitation by Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. The university is currently offering a multifaceted and thorough education to develop human resources beneficial to local communities through the best use of the diversity of its teaching staff and their research fields, including the humanities and social sciences, natural sciences and engineering, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sciences.

In 2015, the university was transformed into an organization comprising two faculties: the Faculty of Liberal Arts and the Faculty of Pharmacy. The Faculty of Liberal Arts, reorganized from the former College of Humanities, was launched in 2015, intended to be a faculty providing educational programs more suitable for the requirements and demands of local communities.

This spring, the Faculty of Pharmacy, established in 2007, celebrated its third graduation day, sending out many future promising pharmacists into the world. The faculty may well be proud that its graduates’ rate of success in the national examination for pharmacists is usually among the highest nationwide, resulting from the university’s original approaches in pharmaceutical education, which have been consistently offered from its first year.

I would like to introduce to you the word “glocalization,” which you might not have heard before. This word is a portmanteau of two words: “globalization” which implies the pursuit of global standardization, and “localization” (meaning restriction to a particular region/area), which has an orientation toward respect for the features and characteristics of each region/area. The university aims to develop “glocal” human resources, who can contribute to the requirements of local communities by adopting their global perspectives and ideas to create a better regional society.

The development of “glocal” human resources is the target of the establishment of the new Faculty of Liberal Arts, and its education policy. The name of the department in the faculty is the “Department of Regional Liberal Arts,” a suitable name for the education it provides. The Faculty of Pharmacy is also continuing to foster capable pharmacists and specialists in medicines who can contribute to local communities.
In order to achieve this goal in human resource development, we, all the teaching staff at the university, hope to make every effort to serve as strong supporters and good partners of you as future ISU students.

Education should be an encounter that encourages students to change themselves in a desirable manner. A “desirable change” varies for different persons, and is difficult to briefly define; however, I believe at least that your experience of studying at Iwaki Meisei University can help you realize your dreams and ambitions, and become an individual who can both stand on his or her own feet and contribute to society.

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