Undergraduate School

Department of Cultural Studies

Department of Cultural Studies

Development of knowledge and skills for the accurate understanding of information and the clear expression of individual ideas

The Department of Cultural Studies offers its students knowledge and skills necessary to accurately understand the wealth of information around them, to find a clear message from it, and to express individual ideas based on those data. The research themes chosen by faculty members are taken from the diverse sources of information, such as Japanese literature in the middle ages, British and American literature in the modern times, and cinema.

Japanese Linguistics and Japanese Literature Unit

A firm base of Japanese linguistics is built through studying Japanese culture and philosophy, as well as classical and modern literature. The skills to correctly interpret information and to clearly express the ideas obtained from these interpretations are also taught.

English Unit

Starting their first year, students taking this unit receive exercises to enhance their English ability in a small-class setting. Detailed, special support is provided for those who are planning to become English teacher for adults and/or children.

Comparative Culture Unit

Students who take this unit learn to appreciate themselves and others by studying different cultures of the world via literature, visual art, philosophy and ideology.

Expression Technique Unit

Students who take this unit learn techniques and methods to express themselves via writing, translation and film making.

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