Undergraduate School

Department of Contemporary Sociology

Department of Contemporary Sociology

Observation of the changes in modern society and the search for effective approaches to its problems

From the aging population, declining birthrate and the degradation of the global environment to the problems arising from informatization and globalization, modern society is faced with many problems. In order to solve these problems, NPOs and ordinary citizens need to form a “civil society” and play a leading role to substitute efforts by governmental organizations and private companies. In the Department of Contemporary Sociology, students learn to understand sociological changes and learn how society can work to solve these problems.

Local Welfare Course

Students taking this course learn practical approaches for local community welfare services. They also learn the theory and current situation of social welfare and acquire supporting techniques (i.e., social work techniques) through the practical classroom and onsite training.

Comprehensive Sociology Course

The problems current society faces are studied from sociological perspectives. Students learn the techniques of logical analysis of the problems in relation to international society, history and cultures, as well as the designing of future courses based on such analysis.

Cultural Policy Course

Students taking this course gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a socially responsible person who takes a leading role in building a humane society. To achieve this goal, studies of continuing education, life-long participation in sports and cultural policies, as well as theories in local sociology, local administration and volunteer sociology are conducted.

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