Undergraduate School

Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Psychological studies that are useful for society with an aim towards a holistic understanding of human beings.

Department of Psychology faculty members with diverse specialties aim to provide students with a “holistic understanding of human beings.” The area of psychology has greatly advanced in recent years, offering many interesting and exciting aspects of study. The department aims to convey such excitement to its students. Through studying psychology, students can obtain knowledge and skills that are useful for them when they start to work in society.

Clinical Welfare Course

Students who take this course study gain basic knowledge and skills to work as a psychological specialist in hospitals, welfare service institutions and other medical and welfare organizations. Methods of psychological support, including psychotherapy and counseling, are taught.

Educational Development Course

Students taking this course gain basic knowledge and skills to work as a psychological specialist in schools, at child consultation centers and at correctional institutions. Topics include school counseling, ethical issues related to crimes and delinquency, and psychological support.

Cognitive Information Course

Students taking this course study the mechanisms of human cognition and the methods of ergonomic application of psychology. Knowledge and skills from real-life situations, such as experimental plans and survey techniques, statistical analytics and data processing techniques, are also taught.

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