Graduate School

Graduate School of Humanities

Deepening the understanding of social phenomena
and general culture that has become
the background of human thoughts and consciousness.

Train people who can take an active part in society and are able to apply programs and methods.

The Graduate School of Humanities not only teaches about human thoughts and consciousness, but deepens the understanding of social phenomena and general culture. There are 3 majors in this course.

Department of Japanese Literature (Postgraduate and Doctoral Courses)

Study in the master degree program includes the literature of each period of Japanese history, and study of the Japanese language and its cultural history. We have a number of experts in our college from a wide range of related fields. Each student selects a theme that interests them and prepares a written dissertation. Emphasis is placed on absorbing the basics in their respective fields of expertise while developing a board overview of the subject. The course consists of a curriculum and personal guidance to help achieve this goal.

In the doctoral course, students are required to exhibit even higher expertise and create a superior dissertation regarding the theme developed from their post-senior thesis. To achieve this, College Members give one-on-one guidance to discover problems, help in searches, read necessary data, conduct field research, organize results, learn how to argue, and compose a dissertation. Additionally, the school is enhancing its research support activities environment by replenishing library documents, coaching how to search for information by computer, and attending and making presentations at society meetings.

Department of British and American Literature(Master Degree Program)

In our course students can major in literature, drama, or culture of English-speaking countries, or English linguistics. Students are urged in our course to improve their English ability and acquire wider and deeper knowledge of English-speaking countries, to say nothing of pouring all their energies into their own researches under the guidance of advisers. This is because we expect them to be welcomed not just as talented high school teachers but also as useful staff members in other fields of society.

Department of Sociology (Master Degree Program)

Along with the theories of contemporary social science and social consciousness, students conduct research about the relationships between individuals and society in a logical and historical manner. Additionally, the course emphasizes social surveys, social statistical analysis and sociological data processing. Students master high-level methods and techniques in empirical research through social surveys in specific areas. The course attempts to promote the ability to conduct self-standing research activities as an expert researcher.

The course covers many fields, including theoretical sociology, historical sociology, cultural anthropology, social consciousness, area studies of Asia and Africa, urban sociology, educational sociology, theory of social security and social service studies. Students can set up themes responding to their interests by taking advantage of small group study.

Department of Clinical Psychology (master Degree)

After studying basic psychology in an undergraduate program, students who take the masters program in Clinical Psychology receive appropriate training in clinical psychology and gain advanced practical skills to become a specialist in the field. This course was established to respond to the increasing social need for qualified clinical psychologists. The demand for clinical psychologists is seen in various areas, including medical, welfare, labor, industrial, judicial, legal and correctional organizations or institutions, as well as private practices of psychological services.

Iryo Sosei University plans to have this course designated as a category-one program by the Japan Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists, so that students will be qualified, without any work experience, to take the license examination for clinical psychologists as soon as they finish the course. To this end, the University is requesting the participation of teaching staff with excellent experience in actual clinical situations, designing a substantial curriculum, and building the Psychological Counseling Center, a practical training facility for this course.

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