Graduate School

Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The objective is to reclaim this cutting-edge field
by merging the studies of science and engineering.

Faculty members and students work closely in various fields.

With the development of a cutting-edge field through the merger of studies in science and engineering as our theme, 3 majors are open to students in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

Department of Science (Master Degree Course)

This course's goal is to advance materials science especially making contributions to the identification and analysis of environmental problems. In this course, various researches are being conducted in considerations of harmony and coexistence with nature. Main research fields are as follows: molecular design and metrology, biological substances and function, metal physics, crystallography, low-dimensional materials science, electronic materials, and nanometer-scale physics.

Advanced researches are promoted in various fields. Typical themes are shown as follows:(1)Analysis and application of the function of biological substances, (2)Development of new functional materials in harmony with nature, (3)Relationship between physical properties and crystal structure taking considerations of atomic levels.

Department of Engineering (Master Degree Course)

Studies in this course are based on fields that include information science, electronics, mechanical engineering and energy engineering, and research subjects include these areas combined with modern technologies, such as IT (information technologies), nanotechnologies, and environmental issues.

Primary research themes include high-temperature superconductivity, magnetic levitation, semiconductors, crystals, and Freon alternatives. In the research and development of these areas, following topics are investigated:

  • Development of new materials
  • Information systems that apply to the latest computer science
  • Establishment and analysis of mechanical systems achieving super fine, high-speed, and high efficiency
  • Global environmental issues. Thermal hydrodynamics of fluid machinery under extreme conditions

Department of Science and Engineering (Doctoral Course)

Emphasizing the close relationship between science and engineering, this course debuted in 1994 in order to carry out creative research and development through the basics and applications of materials. The research facilities were remarkably improved by "Iryo Sosei University high-Thechnology research center " research project over the 5 years from 1998. The dissertation submitted from this course received awards from the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry, and also the research accomplishments of College Members receive high evaluation internationally. That proves high-level research activities in this course. The following are main research fields.

Investigation of microscopic structures and function of organic substances mainly on biological materials, and its application to life science and biotechnology.
Search and synthesis of the new material,analysis of the microscopic structure,and investigation of the new physical property. Development of the new function by the combination of different materials and application to micro-devices, etc.
Theoretical and/or experimental analyses and application by the novel technique regarding the structure,characteristic vibration,breakdown resistance and fluidity of the material.

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