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Department of Regional Liberal Arts
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Department of Regional Liberal Arts

IGARASHI Kouichi  ProfessorMaster of Physical Training

Physical education, Coaching, track and field sports, Methodology
Running motion, coaching

OHARA Takahiro  Professor

Cognitive psychology
Cognition of “Omokage”, Contagious Yawning, Gaze Cognition, Picture Cognition

KAMADA Mariko  ProfessorMaster of Sociology

Community Social Work Regional Welfare Advocacy
Regional Welfare. Graduation Work. Advocacy Systems.

UCHIDA Mioko  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

KUBOTA Noriko  ProfessorPh.D. in social science

Clinical Psychology
Hypnotherapy Dohsa Therapy Body-mind interaction

KOIKE Hisae  ProfessorMA in English Literature, Japan Women’s University

British Literature and Culture
British Drama, Performing Arts, Film Studies

SUETSUGU Akira  Professor

Experimental psychology, Cognitive psychology
Impression formation from voices, Physiological psychology, Individual differences in cognition

Timothy COOK  ProfessorPhD in Communication Studies

Communication Studies, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Distance Learning, Foreign Language Instruction

NAKAO Takeshi  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Communications engineering, Information networks
Digital signal processing, Network technology

YAMAMOTO Yoshiko  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

Clinical psychology; student counseling
Cognitive function assessment and rehabilitation of mentally and developmentally challenged children and adults; * Clinical psychologists

OSHIMA Noriko  Associate ProfessorM.A. in Human Sciences

Community support by clinical psychology
Industrial and school clinical analysis & support

TAKASHIMA Midori  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Psychology

Perception, Experimental psychology
Amodal perception, Optical illusion

NATORI Hironori  Associate Professor

Developmental psychology; educational psychology
Teaching and motivation; goal contagion

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