The objectives of the Society, as stated in our Constitution, are to:
  1. Continue to be recognized as a subgroup of WCPT in accordance with the WCPT Articles of Association.
  2. Encourage high standards of physical therapy education and practice in particular those of relevance to the Society by promoting (but not limited to) the potential benefits, contributions and limitations of EPAs in the evaluation, treatment and prevention of impairments and functional limitations.
  3. Advocate the adoption of a common terminology and encourage communication and exchange of information including electronic, print and personal exchanges and organisation of international EPA conferences/congresses for physical therapists and other users of EPA.
  4. Encourage scientific research (clinical, non-clinical) and advocate clinical practice guidelines, educational curriculum guidelines and safety standards consistent with the promotion of evidence based physical therapy practice in areas relevant to EPA.
  5. Encourage the development of national organisations of physical therapists that share the objectives of the Society, and to coordinate, liaise and cooperate with other clinical interest groups within WCPT and other external organisations.
  6. Support WCPT in representing physical therapy internationally in all matters related to the practice, education and research of EPA.
  7. Engage in all necessary activities to further the best interests of WCPT.