Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives
During the 4th Board Meeting on 24th September 2020, President of ISEAPT Ah-Cheng Goh suggested that he would like to initiate a working group to investigate and report the feasibility of publishing an official journal for ISEAPT. He tasked the Secretary, Katsuhiro Furukawa to form a working group and to submit a report and proposal at the next meeting.
At the 5th Board Meeting on 17th December 2020, chairman of the ISEAPT journal working group, Katsuhiro Furukawa reported the following:
  1. ISEAPT International Journal working group members: Katsuhiro Furukawa (Secretary), Abe Yuichi (Board Member), Yoshiki Saimon (co-opted), Atsushi Sato (co-opted) and Satomi Okano (co-opted).
  2. Furukawa updated the board members regarding the proposal for the ISEAPT journal. He suggested that ISEAPT has a responsibility to provide an international definition of EPA, standardize the terminologies, and publish an international journal that is peer reviewed by EPA specialists. The vision is to provide a journal that will educate clinicians on the proper selection and use of EPA in the short term, and strive to be the gold-standard for EPA research in the long term.
  3. Journal name: Electrophysical Agents (an official journal of ISEAPT)
  4. A new email account was registered ( for correspondence purposes.
  5. There was a need to establish an international editorial board with a good understanding of the publication process and governance. There will be 3 rounds of an open call for nominations, to begin in March 2022. Editorial board members should comprise of appointees from 3 different WCPT regions.
  6. Publication platform: The initial platform will be on J-STAGE which is a free publication system for electronic journals administered by the Science and Technology Innovation organization under the direct control of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan.
  7. Publication schedule: The short term objective is to publish 2 issues per year. The working group will be responsible for Vol 1, Issue 1 and 2. The editorial board, once appointment will be responsible for all subsequent issues.