Member Countries

Member Countries
Sno Country
Member Organization
Grupo de Agentes Fisicos en Argentina
Primary Contact: Christian Angel Villa
Secondary Contact: Claudio Akiyama
2 Cambodia Cambodian Physiotherapy Association
Primary Contact: So Visal
Secondary Contact: Chantheng Huoth
Costa Rica Sociedad Cientifica de Agents Electro Fisicos (SCAEF)
Primary Contact: Laura Chanto
Secondary Contact: Johan Baltodano
Hong Kong
EPA SIG of Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association
Primary Contact: Alexander Woo
Secondary Contact: Marco Pang
Indonesia Indonesian Physiotherapy Association
Primary Contact: Ali Imron
Secondary Contact: Muh. Irfan
Israeli Special Interest Group in EPA (SIG-EPA)
Primary Contact: Yocheved Laufer
Secondary Contact: Michal Elboim-Gabyzon
7 Japan EPA section of Japanese Physical Therapy Association
Primary Contact: Tomofumi Yamaguchi
Secondary Contact: Katsuyuki Morishita
8 South Korea EPA Society of South Korea
Primary Contact: Junghyun Choi 
9 Kuwait EPA SIG of Kuwait Physical Therapy Association
Primary Contact: Maryam Almandil
Secondary Contact: Abrar Jamal Alenezi
10 Lithuania Lithuanian Kinesitherapy Association
Primary Contact: Rolandas Kesminas
Secondary Contact: Inesa Rimdeikiene
11 Malaysia Malaysian Physiotherapy Association
Primary Contact: Haidzir Manaf
Secondary Contact: Kelly Shu Tze Shyuan
12 Singapore EPA SIG of Singapore Physiotherapy Association
Primary Contact: Dinesh Verma
13 Spain Asociacion Espanola de Fisioterapeutas Specialist Electrotherapy Group
Primary Contact: Samuel Fernández Carnero
Secondary Contact: Cesar Calvo Lobo
14 Taiwan Taiwan Physical Therapy Association
Primary Contact: Ya-Ru Yang
Secondary Contact: Shih-Fen Hsiao
15 United Kingdom Electro Physical and Diagnostic Ultrasound Professional Network (EPADU)
Primary Contact: Sarah Bazin
Secondary Contact: Jane Dixon
16 United States Section on Clinical Electrophysiology and Wound Management of the APTA, Inc. 
Primary Contact: Daryl Lawson
Secondary Contact: David Levine