Course of Material Science and Engineering

Course of Material Science and Engineering

Aiming to resolve various issues
through the merger of studies
in science, pharmacy, and engineering

Since its establishment in 1994, the Course of Material Science and Engineering has continued to take on novel research topics in a wide range of fields, ranging from the basics of science and technology to the development of new materials.

Members of society can also earn a doctorate by submitting dissertations. The first such doctoral dissertation submitted from this department received the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Best Paper Award, and part of the content of the dissertation was adopted as a design source for a calendar issued by a U.S. scientific society.

Doctorate recipients are playing an active role as instructors at universities and colleges of technology and researchers in companies. The research achievements of instructors who undertake the guidance of students have also received high evaluation internationally. Thus, various kinds of research are conducted to resolve various issues in the 21st century with the ability to think flexibly and through creative research.