Department of Occupational Therapy

Department of Occupational Therapy
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Department of Occupational Therapy

KITAYAMA Atsushi  ProfessorMaster of Education,Ph.D. in Medical Science

Human Medical Engineering, Pedagogy, Social Medicine.
Developmental disorder occupational therapy, special support education, epidemiology.

YANAGIHASHI Ryuya  ProfessorPhD. , Master of Science of Nursing

Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroscience, Nursing science
comfort, sleep, exercise, fatigue, psychophysiology, rehabilitation

SHINODA Mineko  Specially Approved Visiting ProfessorMasters in Health Sciences (PT)

HIRAFUJI Masahiko  Specially Approved Visiting Professor

Chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, DHA, EPA, Cardiovascular disease

SATO Shin-ichi  Associate ProfessorMs(MPP)

Occupational Therapy, Prosthesis and Orthosis, Welfare equipment
Shoulder Joint, Splint, Welfare equipment

KEITOKU Tamio  LecturerMaster of Occupational Therapy

Community Based Occupational Therapy
Community, Health promotion, Living environment, Community Culture

HARUYAMA Kayo  LecturerPh.D (Life Science)

Social Medicine, Occupational therapy education
Healthy life expectancy, Clinical clerkship

SASAKI Michinao  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Regional policy

Regional occupational therapy,Welfare for the disabled,Adult guardian

SANO Hiroichi  Assistant ProfessorMS(Art)

Occupational therapy, universal design, ergonomics
Developmental disability, physical disability, welfare equipment, living environment