Department of Physical Therapy

Department of Physical Therapy
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Department of Physical Therapy

GOH Ah-Cheng  Professor

Physical Therapy
Electrophysical Agents, Dosimetry, Clinical Reasoning

FURUKAWA Katsuhiro  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Health science, Physiotherapy, Kansei Engineering.
The development of exercise therapy and comfortable motion support technology in rehabilitation medicine

MIYOSHI Kei  Associate ProfessorPh.D

Health promotion, Renal rehabilitation
Aging, Health promotion, Hemodialysis

UCHIDA Mioko  ProfessorPh.D. in Literature

KANNO Masashi  ProfessorMasters in Law

Legal sociology, Ethnomethodology
Consumer contracts, Citizen-judge system

OGIHARA Hisayoshi  Associate Professor

KAMIKOJIMA Makoto  LecturerMaster of engineering

Development of motor function, Pediatric physical therapy, Physical therapy for neonate infants
Motor development, Down syndrome, Developmental disabilities, pediatric physical therapy, neonatal physical therapy

KOBAYASHI Daisuke  LecturerPh.D. in Disability Science

Physical Therapy Science
Respiratory and Critical Care, Education

ABE Yuichi  Assistant Professor

OKANO Satomi  Assistant ProfessorMaster

cardiology, basic physiotherapy
cardiac function, heart/bone regeneration, biomaterials, physiotherapy, muscle fatigue

SAIMON Yoshiki  Assistant ProfessorDoctor of Philosophy in Health Science

Physical Therapy
Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy,Sports Physical Therapy

SATO Atsushi  Assistant ProfessorAssistant professor

Physical therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences
Physical therapy evaluation, Neurologic Physical Therapy, Activities of Daily Living