Department of Physical Therapy

Department of Physical Therapy
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Department of Physical Therapy

FURUKAWA Katsuhiro  ProfessorDoctor of Engineering

Physical Therapy, Kansei Engineering/Affective Engineering
Clinical Electrophysiology, Tests and Measures, Electrophysical Agents

ABE Yuichi  Professor

SAIMON Yoshiki  ProfessorDoctor in Health Sciences (PT)

Physical Therapy
Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy,Sports Physical Therapy

GOH Ah-Cheng  Professor

Musculoskeletal physical therapy, Electrophysical Agents
Clinical Reasoning, Ultrasound imaging, Electrophysical Agents

SEKI Hareaki  Specially Appointed ProfessorMD, PhD

Clinical neurology, Clinical neurophysiology, Rehabilitation medicine
Electrodiagnosis, Rehabilitation, Sarcopenia

KOBAYASHI Daisuke  Associate ProfessorPh.D. in Disability Science

Physical Therapy Science
Respiratory and Critical Care, Education

OKANO Satomi  LecturerPhD (Health Science)

circulation, metabolism, basic physiotherapy, community based rehabilitation

KONNO Hiroki  LecturerMS(Physical engineering)

Physical Therapy Evaluation,Manual examination,Body measurements

SATO Atsushi  LecturerPh.D. in Science and Engineering

Physical therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences
Neurologic Physical Therapy, Physical therapy evaluation, Exergame

ITO Toshikazu  Guest LecturerPh.D.(Medical science)

Physical Therapy
Respiratory, Cardiology

KOBAYASHI Yoshio  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. in Education

Neuroscience, Biomechanics, Health science, Ergonomics
Human development, Neuroscience, Motor control, Motor skill development, Biomecanics, Developmental disorders

SASAKI Kazuki  Assistant ProfessorMS(Health Science)

Nutritional and Swallowing Physiotherapy,Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Sports physiotherapy
Malnutrition,Sarcopenia,Disability prevention

TAKEDA Yugo  Assistant ProfessorMS(Physical engineering)

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Evaluation, community based Physical Therapy

NORIMATSU Kosuke  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. (Health science)

Athletic Physiotherapy, Anatomy, histology
Exercise therapy, Aging, Osteoarthritis, mechanical stress

HORI Masataka  Assistant ProfessorPh. D. Disability science

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Sports physiotherapy, Throwing disorders, Shoulder biomechanics
Electromyography, Motion analysis, Ultrasonography