Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing
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Department of Nursing

MOMIYAMA Sadami  ProfessorDoctor of Human Care Science:Ph.D (Tsukuba University)

Clinical nursing science
Surrogate decision making, Nursing Support, Family nursing, Life-sustaining treatment, Transplant regeneration

HASEGAWA Mikiko  ProfessorPh.D.(Nursing Science)

Fundamental Nursing, Clinical Nursing
Basic Nursing Skills, Basic Nursing Education, Clinical Nursing, Phenomenology of Caring

NOZAKI Hiroyuki  Associate ProfessorMaster of Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing,psychophysiology
Schizophrenia,Long-term psychiatric inpatients,Ongoing support after discharge,Sleep-wake rhythm,WHODAS2.0

IGARASHI Kouichi  ProfessorMaster of Physical Training

Physical education, Coaching, track and field sports, Methodology
Running motion, coaching

GOTO Kyoichi  ProfessorPh.D.(Nursing Science)

Environmental Epidemiology、Family health and Women's health
Stress, Annoyance and Nursing research

SHIBANO Ken  ProfessorMD, PhD

Basic Medicine, Clinical Medicine
Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology

YOSHIDA Kazuki  ProfessorPh.D in Medicine

Community Health, International Health
Parenting Support, Health Education, Health Activities of Public Health Nurses in Fukushima

OTA.Hiromi  Specially Appointed ProfessorPh.D. in Health Sciences

Pediatric Nursing
Childcare support

KOBAYASHI Takako  Specially Appointed ProfessorMaster's degree (Education)

Geriatric Nursing, Clinical Nursing
Medical treatment support Nursing/caregiving collaboration/cooperation TK model

INAKE Eiko  Associate ProfessorMSN

Public Health Nursing
community health nursing, maternal and child health Nursing, occupational health nursing

ONO Akemi  Associate ProfessorHealth and welfare master

Cancer Nursing
lymphedema palliative care

SAKUMA Hiromi  Associate ProfessorMaster's degree (Nursing)

Nursing education,Pediatric nursing
Reflection, Clinical practice leader, Education for new nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Self-regulated learning, Siblings of children with severe mental and physical disabilities

TOMIOKA Setsuko  Associate ProfessorDoctor of Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy; pharmaceutical informatics

IKEDA Mayumi  LecturerMaster of midwifery

Midwifery field

OSAKI Makoto  LecturerMaster of Nursing

Nursing Art
Experimental Research,Vascular injury,Phlebitis

KIKUCHI Mayumi  LecturerMaster of Nursing

Community Health and Home Care Nursing , Gerontological Nursing
Transition from Hospital to Home , Care management

SAKUMO Naoki  LecturerPh.D.(Nursing Science)

Elderly person nursing
Continuous Employment、Work engagement

NAKABAYASHI Makoto  Lecturer

Chronic illness nursing, Cancer Nursing, Clinical Nursing
Cancer, Diabetes, Margaret A Newman

SATO Kanoko  Specially appointed lecturer

AIBA Shigeru  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Public Health

Public Health, Epidemiology, Community Health Nursing
Health Impact of the Disaster, Social Return on Investment

ISENO Akemi  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing Care
Psychiatric Nursing

TODA Naoki  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Nursing

Psychiatric nursing
stress, psychiatry, practical training instructor, teaching behavior

NOGUCHI Norihiko  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Science (Medical Science)

Acute Nursing, Disaster Nursing, Disaster Medicine
Disaster, volunteering intention, education, university students

HACHIGA Yoshimi  Assistant ProfessorMaster of Nursing

Pediatric Nursing
Children with disabilities, Children with medical care, Family Support

IGARASHI Atsushi  Assistant

YOSHIDA Tomohiro  Assistant