Faculty of Global Nursing

Faculty of Global Nursing

Response to globalization

Aiming to be a nurse at Kashiwa campus

We organize the curriculum with a wide range of subjects covering human science, with a focus on cutting-edge nursing science.
Ability to acquire in this faculty
Ability to understand and empathize with each other.
Information processing ability, problem-solving ability, and technical ability necessary to practice cutting-edge nursing in the medical field.
Research ability to consider scientifically and always create new ideas.
Students learn based on the systematic curriculums and aim to become nurses who can respond to a globalized society.

Communication skill that can play an active role in the world

In a globalized multicultural society, students will acquire the language skills necessary to provide nursing care in foreign languages, as well as human relations that transcend differences in customs and communication skills that do not rely solely on language.

Cultivating the ability to read information in the medical field and apply it to nursing care

In the future, nursing care based on advanced information processing skills will be required in the medical field. Students will acquire the skills and techniques to process information appropriately, including the ability to utilize the facilities and equipment and the way of thinking of medical professionals working in teams.

Cultivate practical skills in a well-developed educational environment

In order to acquire practical skills to cope with the advancement of nursing skill, Laboratory is equipped with equipment used in clinical practice. Students also receive practical training at hospitals and facilities in and around the city, including the affiliated general hospital adjacent to the campus.

Qualification that can be acquired

  • Eligibility for admission to the national examination for nurses