Faculty of Liberal Arts

Faculty of Liberal Arts

A combination of three majors and six sub-majors
gives you a wide variety of choices for your ways of studying

The Faculty of Liberal Arts has introduced an educational program based on a major system, which enables you to create your own systematic way of studying with a combination of three majors and six sub-majors.

Majors provide key fields of your study, including International Communication, Psychology and Human Behavior, and Community and Society. Sub-majors are complementary subjects designed to lead the faculty to achieve the purpose of human resources development by enabling students to learn basic knowledge and skills useful in society in addition to fields of majors.

The Faculty of Liberal Arts offers education supported by active learning* in many classes. Moreover, experience-oriented subjects, such as social research practice, reconstruction support seminars, internships, and Japanese language teaching practice, provide you with multifaceted experience of the actuality of local communities in cooperation with local organizations, companies, and other academic institutions.

* Active Learning: Learning based on activities, including group work, pair work, discussion, debate, presentation, report, and review sheets.

Combination of Majors and Sub-majors


There are three majors, which are aimed at enabling students to achieve deeper knowledge and expertise in subject fields of interest: 1) Community and Society, 2) Psychology and Human Behavior, and 3) International Communication.


There are six sub-majors, which complement the expertise gained in majors by offering students opportunities to study diverse subjects and learn basic knowledge and skills useful in regional society: 1) Regional Public Policy, 2) Community and Business, 3) Reconstruction Support, 4) ICT (Information and Communication Technology), 5) Japanese Language and Culture, and 6) Teaching Skills.