Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing

Aiming to become a nurse
at Iryo Sosei University

Six Features of
the Faculty of Nursing

  • Acquiring practical skills while linking individual fields of nursing

    The human mind and body change as they grow. Students at ISU learn nursing, taking into account the human life cycle, while being conscious of the linkage between individual fields of nursing. Students can acquire integrated practical skills that will be useful in actual medical settings after graduation by learning nursing while linking its individual fields.

  • A variety of
    liberal arts courses

    One of the charms of our university is that students can learn a variety of liberal arts as well as nursing. Students acquire knowledge of ethics and psychology, aiming to become a nurse (a public health nurse) who can be considerate of others’ feelings. In specialized courses, they can also receive classes given by instructors from the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Faculty of Psychology from perspectives other than those of nurses.

  • Introduction of
    disaster nursing

    ISU is located in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, which was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake and was significantly affected by the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident. In consideration of these regional characteristics, the Faculty of Nursing offers classes related to disaster nursing and radiation.

  • Acquiring a wide range of knowledge helpful in medical settings

    Instructors with vast experience in clinical practice and nursing education and with overseas nursing experience and research achievements undertake the guidance of students. Students can gain a broad insight, which can be applied in medical settings, by acquiring the knowledge and experience accumulated by these instructors.

  • Practical exercises tailored to
    medical settings

    Many exercise programs are provided to cultivate nurses (public health nurses) who can be immediately effective in medical settings. In particular, up-to-date facilities and equipment are provided to enable students to learn medical assistant skills necessary for nurses (public health nurses) in a situation in line with actual medical settings. Students can acquire solid and practically applicable skills.

  • Fulfilling relationship with local hospitals for clinical practice

    Having sent more than 12,000 graduates mainly to local companies, ISU has a strong link with the local community and is further expected to contribute to society through the development of medical human resources. We have built a cooperative relationship with various medical institutions, including hospitals, nursing-care facilities, public health centers, and community general support centers, as clinical practice sites to cultivate nurses (public health nurses) who can play an active role in the local community.

Qualification that can be acquired

  • Eligibility for admission to the national examination for nurses
  • Eligibility for admission to the national examination for public health nurses (Quota: 20 students / Selection-based)
    Eligibility for admission to the national examination for pharmacists