Department of Clinical Psychology

Department of Clinical Psychology

Teaching practical psychology
with the aim of fostering mental health experts

The Faculty of Psychology offers a wide range of courses in the field of psychology, covering basic psychology to applied psychology, to teach psychology that can be used in society. We aim to foster mental health experts with practical skills by helping students gain expertise through a systematic curriculum and acquire a scientific view and mind through exercises and practices.

Development of basic skills, Development of practical skills, Career education

Point 1: Development of basic skills

Provide a first-year education in which students acquire basic skills necessary to study at the university and gain the habit of studying independently. Provide detailed education based on a systematic curriculum that focuses on the basics of psychology and teaches basic to applied psychology in a phased manner.

Point 2: Development of practical skills

With a focus on hands-on experiences and practices, including research and statistics, group work, and role plays, develop the ability to think and judge objectively that is acceptable in society by having students independently repeating exercises and practices, taking advantage of extensive facilities and equipment.

Point 3: Career education

Through career education, broaden students’ horizons so that they will look at how to get involved in society as mental health experts and support students in making a career choice as well as providing support for individual students to gain employment or go on to graduate school.

Qualifications to aim for

  • Certified public psychologist (*1)
  • Certified clinical psychologist (*2)

*1: As eligibility for admission to the national examination for certified public psychologists, it is required to take designated courses at graduate school after graduation from the faculty of psychology or have work experience related to mental health. ISU provides support for students who aim to become certified public psychologists to go on to graduate school toward the acquisition of a qualification.

*2: As eligibility for admission to the examination for certified clinical psychologists, it is required to have completed the relevant course of study at a designated graduate school. The graduate school at ISU has been accredited as a Class 1 Designated Graduate School for Training Clinical Psychologists, and support is provided for students to go on to the graduate school.